What’s my ticket

Someone asked me not to long ago “What ticket, what do you mean ” I paused and replied “What do you want. ” The person chuckled and replied I’m not sure. That’s when I began to explain how great and amazing hempworx products are and all the different ways you can use hemp and on and on you get the picture. That’s when it occurred to me that it’s not the product I’m selling it’s a story that’s when the idea of a ticket and the hempworx train started. I like to use the idea of the company Apple. I’m sure Steve Jobs new he had a great product but how do you sell it I wonder if that’s when he thought of the idea of selling an Apple, It’s just a thought. So I’m not selling cbd products I’m selling a ticket to a hempworx train. I’m sorta like a conductor making sure you get your ticket (which is CBD) and make it on the hempworx train (which is becoming an affiliate). Now go and spread the news about a ticket and a hempworx train 🙂

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