Don’t give up

I’ve come to realize it can be frustrating when you’re trying your best to introduce people to your product. The problem is not with the product it’s with the delivery lol. Just when you think you have a great idea on how to explain what the product is and how great it is and you say to yourself ok I have everything right this time you hear from someone that you just know that they are reading your posts say what’s your product and what’s it for. That’s when you want to start pulling your hair out lol. That’s when I say to myself I wonder how Amazon makes any money. Then the light bulb comes on and I say to myself relax not everyone knows what hemp is. Then I realize why I’m selling a ticket to a hempworxtrain and not a product. People need a map so they know where their going. Just think how Google maps helps you find where your going. So if you are ever trying to sell a product and you think everyone going to understand what your selling just remember take your time be creative not everyone is going to get as fast as you did.

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