Have you ever been waiting and waiting for a question that you have asked someone and began to think, when in the heck am I gonna get the answer.

Do you begin to get angry, moody, and shutting the world out. Does it begin to effect your relationship, family and friends? Ignoring people when all their trying to do is help you. The days keep getting worse and worse bad day after bad day. When someone asks how your day was all you can think about is how your the only one doing the work at your job.

Or do you think positive knowing that what ever the answer is you’ll be just fine. I like to think I’m a positive person. I’ll use the hempworxtrain as an example. Would you want the engineer to be unstable and negative not paying attention. Or would you like the engineer positive knowing whatever happens you’ll arrive to your destination safely and on time.

I like to tell people when something happens to you that you think is just horrible pause take a breath and look for the positive thing that happened it will be there. The more you think positive the quicker you’ll see it.

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