Road block

When something gets in your way do you stop and go back or do you pause and figure out a way to get through it?

I call those obstacles “piles of learning. ” Some people never seem to get through and some people learn how to plow through the pile. I’ll use the hempworxtrain as a example. You purchase a ticket to a certain place you board the train it begins to move all of a sudden it stops. People start asking why it stopped and what’s wrong with the train.

The engineer has several options, one is to sit there and do absolutely nothing. Two, call for help to move the pile or three full steam ahead.

So when life puts that pile in front of you what will you do? For me I stay positive and sometimes I get creative regardless I step over or go  through it.

Remember when you think life just threw you a curve ball and you fell on the  ground stand up wipe the dust off and hit a home run. 😎


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