Bumpy ride

Have you ever been going somewhere and the ride is so relaxing and quiet you begin to nod off? If you’re the  passenger might not be a bad idea but what if you’re the driver, oh my. It’s a good thing that those bumps have been placed in a pretty decent place in the road. Has those bumps woke you up?

It seems like hemp products are getting really popular lately. I get a lot of questions regarding “what is hemp.” Most people ask me do you sell pot. I chuckle and reply no. I think the easiest part about being a hempworx affiliate is the product sells itself. For me the hard part is getting them to try it once that happens they almost always become customers and sometimes affiliates themselves.

That’s why I use the example of buying a ticket and coming aboard the hempworxtrain. 😎 Once people figure out that the price of that ticket is fair and that they can travel with other people with the same interest on that beautiful train it’s all down hill from there. So  Occasionally I will place a bump in the road to wake people up to get their attention back. Kinda like when the conductor says “All aboard ”

I hope everyone has a wonderful and cheerful day




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