Someone asked me why hemp what’s so good about hemp I said research it, research what products were made from hemp especially before the 1920s. I see returning to using hemp as a movement I’m so excited I purchased my ticket. As I approach the train a hand appeared and replied come aboard trainman have a wonderful and exciting day


Train car

Hi everyone I recently was asked by someone “Hey Greg how many train cars do you have on your train” I paused, because I had to think about that for second and I replied “I don’t know.” I thought about that answer for a while and then it occurred to me, well is there so many train cars on the train I can’t count them or is there none LOL One good thing that I learned from that experience is, if someone ever asks me again how many train cars I have on my train I’m going to reply well, why don’t you get your ticket, which is the product and come aboard the hempworxtrain, which is becoming an affiliate and you tell me how many train cars I have on my train. 🙂 Thank you for taking the time out of your day to read this.

Have a wonderful day ,


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