Have you ever been in a situation where you make an ordinary every day decision and the person who the decision effects confronts you about it.

The original plan was to have a plan B option, but unaware to you the person gets advice from another person. Now that person is wanting an answer, like right now. I suggest being honest to that person, because if you don’t I believe it will only get worse.

Well as your giving the person a honest answer, now in the back of your mind you’re completely aware of the position that you hold, you slip up and make a decision that’s not yours to make. Oops now what, especially when the person who does make these kind of decisions is now asking you what happened. Oh my how do you get yourself out of this one.

This is why you should always tell the truth it helps with building your character. Now the person who makes those types of decisions will remember your character and just maybe go easy on you 🙂

Your probably wondering what does this story has to do with hemp? If you’re the team leader of your affiliates and you agree with the team on a certain plan and if someone tries to go through the back door to change that plan as the leader you should correct that.

What would happen if you purchase a ticket to a certain destination and all of a sudden you find out that’s not where your going, because the engineer and the conductor got together and changed that destination. Wow what should you do.

I hope that you purchase a ticket(products) and come aboard my hempworxtrain(becoming an affiliate) and let me know what you would do.

I hope everyone has a wonderful and exciting day.


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